St. Joseph Parish, Maysville

Mobile, AL

Providing a Beacon of Hope in the Maysville Community since 1930

Who We Are

Ubuntu (oo-boon- too) Empowerment Circle focus is “that we are only as strong as each other’s weakness.” We want to build on

your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths. 

Who We Build

6th to 11th grade youth from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds

How Do We Build

Our Circle Guides (mentors) work hands on with their circle (youth group) on building character, identifying purpose and

developing a social conscious. We build based on our 6 character focuses (Trustworthy, Fairness, Caring, Respect, Responsibility,

and Citizenship) while expanding on the youth’s own life experiences. Each meeting one of the character focuses will be defined

and examined through active learning with group discussions. We develop a social conscious by providing a safe atmosphere (circle

of trust) where the youth can share their stories (their truth) without fear, guilt, or shame.  Youth are able to share their truths,

pose questions, provide advice, encouragement, or just a listening ear for each other. It is in the sharing of our truth that we find

unity. We identify our youth’s purpose by helping them recognize their strengths, realize their unique qualities and nurture their

dreams by directing their focus.  

Why Do We Build

Our youth have to navigate daily challenges and influences such as:  

Peer Pressure
Social Media
Celebrity Culture
Social trends
Environmental Circumstances

Their morals, ethics, intellectual values and identities  are being formed based on these experiences.  Because of these influences,

our youth are suffering from depression, anxiety, suicide, substance abuse, sexual risk behaviors and school dropout.  Ubuntu Empowerment Circle will give these youths what is needed to gain the strength to succeed and reach their goals.

The Result

Our youth will assimilate each of the 6 character focuses into their lives establishing a strong sense of self. They will have a clear focus

of what their purpose in life is and the direction they need to take to achieve that life. Through sharing their stories they will learn

that despite our unique qualities and diverse backgrounds, our stories (our truths) share similarities. Ultimately they will be limitless

in their belief on what they can accomplish and how it can be accomplished.


Helping Youth Build Character, Identify Their Purpose and Develop A Social Conscious To Succeed In Reaching Their Goals



To Establish A Global Atmosphere Where People Are Keenly Aware Of Who They Are And Live Every Second Of Their Life Walking Selflessly In Their Purpose.

Ubuntu Empowerment Group