St. Joseph Maysville


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Ministries & Organizations


1.       Altar Servers:                                                Brandon Barnes

2.       Altar Society:                                                 Patricia Reed

3.       Bereavement:                                                Pamela Barnes

4.       Bible Study:                                                   Ruth McKitric

5.      Bookkeeper                                                    Rita Hathorne

6.       Building & Grounds Manager:                       Walter Battles

7.       Choir Director:                                               Lillie Key

8.       Finance Chair:                                               Robert Pettaway

9.       Hospitality/Ushers:                                        Sharon Malone

10.     Legion of Mary (Mother of Christ Praesidium) Hilda Carroway

11.   Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers:                     Ruth Pettaway

12    Liturgical Dancers:                                         Yvette Smith

13.   Male Choir:                                                     William Frazier

14.   Media/Public Relations                                   Greg Cyprian

15.   Parish Council:                                                Thomas Whittaker

16.   RCIA:                                                              Deacon Ronnie Hathorne

17.   Religious Education Director:                         Tiffany J Barnes

18.   St Joseph School Alumni:                               Shawn Bivens

19.   Stewardship:                                                   Keith Brewer

20.   Technology/IT:                                                Michael Smith 

21.   Youth Activities and Family Life                      Tara Evans    Mrs. Evans' Message

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Current Organizations

1.       Knights of St Peter Claver Coucil #210:                                 Pavia Dewberry

2.       Knights of St Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary Court #210:        Jeanetta DuCloux

3.       Knights of St Peter Claver Jr Knights Branch #210:               Brandon Barnes

4.       Knights of St Peter Claver Jr Dtrs Court  #210:                      Tiffany J Barnes


Proverbs 3:9 - "Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase"

Did you know the word 'tithe' means tenth? God, does not even require all of the fruits of thy labor, just a tenth. Giving is one way to show your faithfulness and thankfulness. Donations to St. Joseph, Maysville do not just sustain the church, it helps to sustain the Maysville community. Clicking the
'Donate' button proves your support and we thank you for your blessings!

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The Pledge Drive is a yearly donation of $200.00 from each family or single, unmarried, parishioner or friend of the parish starting Jan 1st of each year. The goal of the drive is to bridge any gaps that may take place during the year to assist in emergency repairs, capital improvements, or any of expenditures that the Parish Council deems necessary. You can make a one time donation or monthly payments at your convenience. For pledge drive sign-up sheets, please, see our Stewardship Ministry Chair.

Pledge Drive

Boy Scouts of America

From l-r in the photo: Henry, Michael, and Thomas Smith

Greetings Church!

Our names are Henry and Thomas Smith and we are Star Scouts in Troop 36 of the Boy Scouts of America. We also wear the Sash of a Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow, a National Honor Society of Scouting.

Some of you kids out there are probably saying why are these kids talking to us? Well, we are going to tell you...Boy Scouting is fun! We camp, fish, hike, and trips to summer camp are out of state sometimes. Scouts help teach young people Duty to God, Duty to country, and Duty to community!

Click here to read more...Boy Scouts Letter.


Mobie, AL